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SubQuery - Transform and Query the world’s data for a Web3 future

Published date: February 4 2021

A quarter-century of digital transformation has gotten us  to the advent of the Data Age. From the introduction of email through to broadband, WiFi, cloud storage, SaaS and big data analytics, the pieces have been moving into place. Now, in the year 2021, we are at the cusp of something new. To thrive in this new age, every organization needs a complete view of its data — real-time insight, with the ability to take real-time action.. The demand for services which helps query and process data of blockchains in general and of Polkadot Ecosystem in particular will be huge when Polkadot Ecosystem is totally completed. Since decentralization means data is distributed across the world, the query service of decentralized networks has to be as fast as centralized networks so that Web3.0 dream can be true. Inspired by The Graph, Subquery aims to solve that query problem. Subquery team thinks Polkadot/Substrate teams should not worry about building their own server indexer but should focus 100% to build their DApps.

Key Features and Highlights

SubQuery Nodes: Open source SDK that allows users to generate their own SubQuery project, defining how the indexer should traverse and aggregate their own protocol. SubQuery will provide command line tools to run SubQuery nodes that support GraphQL queries. With the help of these open source tools, anyone can query their protocols easily.

SubQuery Hosted Services: Developers don’t have to worry about deploying and managing production, they can choose and get access to SubQuery public projects or upload their own ones to high performance nodes of SubQuery to have the best user experience.

SubQuery Token: Token holders can stake their token to receive reward. In future, SubQuery will generate a governance token so that their community can have the ability to influence the future of SubQuery.

The Importance of Data: The amount of Data which can be collected and put in a blockchain is unlimited, especially when it serves people all around the world. Furthermore, these data can be used for a lot of things such as: Internet of Things (A.I smart home, smart car, smart supply chain,...), Data Analysis, Business Intelligence,...