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Snek Crowdloan Weekly, Vol 2

Published date: September 15 2021

Welcome to the second - and perhaps last - edition of Snek Crowdloan Weekly, the snekiest crowdloan news outlet out there.

The battle for slot #7 has ended, and Snek did not get its promised fried squid for dinner. We congratulate Calamari with their convincing victory and wish them best of luck during their onboarding as a Kusama parachain.

In terms of KSM contributed during auction #7, however, the clear superstar of the past week was Basilisk. In just a week’s time, our crowdloan saw its contributions grow by more than 140% to reach the impressive 192,300 KSM. Perhaps even more importantly, the number of offerings has almost tripled and now stands at 16,208.

We would like to thank everybody who sacrificed their KSM bags in support of the Snek and say a warm welcome to all new members in our community. We appreciate your help and hope you will enjoy the wild ride which is just about to begin.

With this positive outlook, and a comfortable lead of 132,775 KSM ahead of our competitor, Snek is now entering the auction for parachain slot #8. 

AMA with Founders

We are throwing our very first “Ask the Snek” tomorrow at 6 PM CET in the HydraDX discord channel. This will be a combined HydraDX & Basilisk community AMA. We will share a link shortly before it begins. You can still submit questions using THIS FORM, or ask live during the AMA.

Lisbon Meetup (“not-a-party”)

To celebrate the successful crowdloan campaign, Snek really wanted to throw a party but HR didn’t allow it.

To do justice to both, we decided to invite Snek and its supporters to the combined HydraDX & Basilisk meetup:

Where: La Distellerie in Lisbon (Portugal)

When: 29 September 2021, 15.00 - 21.30

Registration: CLICK HERE

The meetup will kick off with a series of presentations by our founders on hot topics such as cross-chain transfers, DEXes and LBP UIs (Snek promised to not fall asleep). At the end, there will be more than enough time to grab a drink and have a chat with interesting folks from the ecosystem. If you happen to be in the area, we would be happy to welcome you at the meetup!

More details & the program to be shared soon via social media.

Snek out