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Snek Crowdloan Weekly, Vol 1

Published date: September 8 2021

Welcome to the Snek Crowdloan Weekly, a short-lived digest where degen snakes get their crowdloan news. The editor said he would retire once Snek wins a parachain slot, so this is most likely the first edition out of very few.

In the headlines today, KILT kill(t)ed it in the race for slot #6. Their crowdloan hit its cap on the very first day of the auction. Snek likes this kind of determination and congratulates the team and community.

The Basilisk crowdloan did not do that bad either, as demonstrated by these recent stats:

  • 8,446 contributions

  • 81k KSM raised

This means that we’re currently lagging behind the fishboys by 119k KSM in the fight for slot #7.

At this point, it is tempting to concede that we are in a comfortable position for winning auction #8 while keeping our KSM contrib low and maximizing the upside for our supporters. However, our lead ahead of Altair and Parallel Heiko is not that big to accommodate such comfort.

We expect that the fight for the last 3 slots will be fierce, which means that Snek does need some more sacrifice to make sure it can join the parachain party on time.

Crowdloan Integrations

The good news is that bringing your offerings for the Snek has never been easier. Besides our in-house, you now have at least 3 other convenient options to support the Basilisk crowdloan.

If you want to ape in using mobile, look no further than Fearless wallet. The app provides a user-friendly interface which allows you to show your love for the Snek with style. It also supports some other cool features which will come in handy at some point - like staking and governance.

Another option to contribute to the Basilisk crowdloan is via Kraken. Its main perks are ease-of-use (especially for existing users) and added security (2FA), however do keep in mind that this convenience comes with a price tag (10% of your rewards) and geographical restrictions.

Finally, our ex-rival Bifrost is launching an integration which will allow you to support Basilisk through their protocol called SALP. By doing so, you will be able to join their derivative mining scheme with vsKSM and earn additional rewards in their native token BNC. The integration should be launched at some point during auction #7, more info here.

Smartboy NFTs

Saving the best for last, we are preparing a special treat for all NFT fans out there. Currently we are working with the KodaDot/MetaPrime team to launch a limited collection of redeemable Smartboy NFTs. You will soon be able to fish your favourite branded hoodie or pants straight out of the Basilisk NFT pool! You can think of this as a badass take on Unisocks.

That’s all for now, happy sacrificing!