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Introducing t3rn - A Composable Smart Contract Hosting With Fail-safe, Interoperable Execution

Published date: May 15 2021

1. Main goal

t3rn is a smart contract hosting platform that offers an innovative solution to interoperable smart contact execution with fail-safe mechanisms built in, meaning successful multi-chain execution can always be guaranteed. Smart contracts stored in the t3rn registry can be used by anyone, while the developers that contribute smart contracts to the open-source repository can choose to get remunerated anytime their code is executed. This offers a new vision of open-source development, one that fairly rewards developers. 

2. Products & Services Of T3rn:

  • Circuit & Gateways for Blockchain projects

  • On-chain contract repository for developers

  • Open execution platform powered by TRN

3. Circuit & Gateways for Blockchain projects

  • Plugin interoperability Circuit allows developers to open their decentralised services to a wider blockchain ecosystem.

  • Execute with confidence as t3rn guarantees successful multi-chain execution.

  • Become accessible to a rich pool of composable smart contracts and assets, including: ETH, DOT, KSM and more. 

4. On-chain contract repository for developers

  • Allows developers to write smart contracts in their familiar languages like !ink, Solidity, WebAssembly or anything WASM compiled.

  • You can use the smart contracts stored in t3rn registry or get paid when developers use your smart contracts.

  • Smart contracts can be uploaded as they are, no rewriting required.  

5. Open execution platform powered by TRN

  • Collect fees and rewards by becoming a collator, validator or relayer.

  • Earn staking rewards by providing liquidity for multi-chain execution on foreign chains.

  • Receive support from a dedicated Contributors fund.

6. t3rn Web3 Grant Information

In 2020, t3rn received a grant from Web3 Foundation to deliver a proof of concept of an innovative solution for bringing smart contract interoperability to blockchain technology, starting with the Polkadot ecosystem. 

7. Core Team Of t3rn

The core team behind t3rn have been working in the blockchain space since 2016 and offer a fine balance between development, marketing and strategy:

  • Maciej Baj - Founder & CEO

  • Jacob Kowalewski - CSO

  • Nick Gregory  - Technical Advisor

  • Andrew Horbury - Regulatory Advisor

  • Urban Osvald - Growth Advisor

About t3rn

t3rn is a hosting platform for smart contracts that makes execution across multiple, independent blockchains possible. t3rn was created to enable trust-free collaboration within the Polkadot ecosystem and harness this synergy to mould an ecosystem in which any developer who would like to deploy a blockchain agnostic smart contract can do so easily. t3rn aims to ultimately operate as a parachain within Polkadot to ensure unparalleled security and stability throughout the t3rn offering. The t3rn offering places great emphasis on remunerating the developers within blockchain ecosystems, as opposed to miners, by allowing them to make their smart contracts available to all t3rn users and be rewarded every time their smart contract is used. 

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