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RMRK and Altair collaborate for Kusama Auctions with limited edition NFT

Published date: September 17 2021

First 1500 Altair crowdloan contributors with 10 KSM or more staked will received a limited edition RMRK NFT

We’re super excited to announce a collaboration between Centrifuge’s Altair and RMRK’s Kanarias for Altair’s crowdloan for the heavyweight bonus for those contributing 10 KSM or more!

Kanaria is set of highly evolvable NFTs launched on the RMRK NFT protocol as a prototype of RMRK’s advanced and first-in-class NFT functionality. Kanaria NFTs (digital, collectible birds) can wear other NFTs as equipment, change render outputs to alternative imagery, accept on-chain emotion as price discovery and social gamification, and more. Altair is Centrifuge’s Kusama parachain and wild playground for asset financing.

Altair and RMRK are collaborating to extend Altair-bonuses to existing and new Kanaria bird owners!

The heavyweight bonus is here!

The first 1500 participating in Altair’s crowdloan with at least 10 KSM will be able to use the same crypto address to claim a special utility Kanaria NFT. This NFT can give the owner’s Kanaria bird special traits. The first 1500 contributors with 10 KSM or more staked will receive a limited edition RMRK NFT — so act fast!

The top 333 contributors will receive premium limited edition NFTs which give the owner access to special features on Altair if equipped on a Kanaria bird!

Embrace your avian love, get your birds now and join Altair’s crowdloan!

What’s a Kanaria Bird?!

They’re limited-edition digital canaries, NFTs that grow with the platforms around them, and offer platform benefits to their holders, based on intrinsic traits. The Kanaria birds are multi-resource NFTs (meaning they can have different outputs depending on context) that can also own other NFTs (like gear, wearables) that are standalone in every way like any other NFT. This paradigm shift in NFT functionality allows forward-compatibility in NFT projects unlike anything seen before. For a full breakdown, please watch A Not Too Technical Introduction to RMRK, or in written format see Dawn of the Art Legos.

Is it a bird, is a plane? What is Altair?

Altair is Centrifuge’s Kusama parachain. Taking inspiration from a fast spinning star, think of Altair as Centrifuge’s fearless alter ego. Altair will be the testing ground for anyone wishing to finance real world assets on the Kusama Network. Altair is built for risk-takers and innovators who dare to push the limits of DeFi: powered by the AIR token.

Altair will play a key role on Centrifuge’s product life cycle in two major ways:

  • Feature promotion; Where we can verify new iterations of our products in a live network, ensuring the best quality possible before it reaches the Centrifuge Mainnet.
  • A valuable playground where new, exciting, experimental capabilities and use cases will be tested in a live network.

Learn more about Altair

Twitter | Website | Telegram | Medium | DiscordForum

What is RMRK

RMRK is leading the development of the RMRK protocol for creating highly composable “art legos” using NFTs on Kusama.

RMRK adds needed features and functionality to NFTs, i.e.; NFTs that can be governed as DAOs, custom burn messages, NFTs owning NFTs, NFTs that have conditional rendering (if this, show that), NFTs that have multi-resources (i.e. contain both code for a game and high-res cover art) and NFTs that can own and even equip each other.

But, as always, be careful of Those Birds though…

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