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Ternoa Wallet v1.6 gets a major update

Published date: October 15 2021
Ternoa Wallet Incoming Update

In this article, learn all about the new Ternoa Wallet update, including NFT minting directly from your mobile phone, and unique interface improvements.

Shortly after a successful testnet launch, the blockchain project Ternoa released new important features associated with its Wallet app. This application is the key to users exploring the project’s testnet, and since the company is looking to become one of the leading blockchain projects, they are focusing heavily on making this first experience the consumer has with Ternoa products memorable. There are three main features in this update that will bring the user’s experience to the next level, including minting NFTs directly from your mobile, listing them on marketplaces, and transferring them between Ternoa Wallets for free. To understand these features, we need to look more closely at Ternoa’s existing products.

Currently, Ternoa has its own NFT marketplace which allows individuals to mint their own NFTs, adding unique watermark features. These watermarks allow only the true owners to be able to see the high-quality version of the NFT, strengthening the desirability of the digital asset. This marketplace works hand in hand with the Ternoa Wallet, allowing only those who have the application and CAPS within to be able to create NFTs on the online platform.

The Ternoa Wallet is the project’s recently launched application where users will be able to hold their CAPS tokens, decrypt and view their NFTs, and access Ternoa’s different DApps. Minting NFTs plays a large role in Ternoa’s testnet, as well as accessing the project’s NFT Marketplace. Therefore releasing a new update on the Wallet app that allows users to test out the blockchain with ease and not be limited to desktop use was essential.

NFT Minting directly from your mobile

While noticing a steep growth in demand for NFT creation in general, we must consider that most users spend the majority of their time on mobile devices, rather than desktop computers. This feature should allow users to gain full control of NFT creation, and to successfully create, design, and mint an NFT within minutes without the need of proximity to a desktop device.

Previously, NFT creation was mostly possible on desktop devices, leaving a huge opportunity for blockchain projects. The use of computers is declining, while a new generation of individuals is considering other alternatives. Indeed, this feature can bring a brand-new demographic, curious and envious to create their NFT in a mobile-friendly setting. And to create the easiest user experience possible, Ternoa also decided to improve the performance of the NFT creation process in both Desktop and the Wallet App.

Listing and transferring capabilities

In addition to allowing NFT minting directly from the Wallet application, users will also be able to list these NFTs on Ternoa-based marketplaces, giving more freedom on where the NFT is placed for viewing. Once the NFT is minted, there are simple tab options that allow the user to scroll through the current NFT Marketplaces on Ternoa’s testnet, allowing users to interact with each other. The team also decided to add the option of allowing NFT transferring between Ternoa Wallets for free! These key features are crucial for the Wallet’s development as well as the user’s experience in testing Ternoa’s current products and blockchain capabilities.

User experience enhancements

Considering the expectations of users will be a big step towards democratization of the blockchain technology, and frequent updates are therefore welcomed by the industry. Many projects do not update their features, which over time, decreases user retention. Thus, a constant update of product features is definitely a great way to ensure the sustainability of blockchain projects. Ternoa will be making these constant updates, taking into account consumer requests and reviews to ensure the user experience is as smooth and clear as possible.

Lastly, profile updates from the wallet app were conducted to ensure the durability of the product, giving users access to a fully-functional version of the app, as well as a way to personalize their user experience. The company will seek to continue constant updates to ensure consumers' demands and expectations. Seeking to release new features in the long-term, Ternoa is looking to bring new innovations in the blockchain ecosystem.

If you are interested in minting your own NFTs, be sure to download the Ternoa Wallet (here for iOS or here for Android). And stay up to date on Ternoa’s testnet and Wallet development by following our Twitter, and join our Telegram to chat directly with the team!

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