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Ternoa Launches its Brand-New Testnet

Published date: October 15 2021

Ternoa is happy to announce the launch of its testnet, which will enable key new features for users

The testnet is finally here! After several months of hard work, Ternoa developers have completed the next step that will allow users to enjoy the project as they have never done before. The testnet will allow users and company developers to test all of the created innovations. This will greatly improve all its products and services, as now bugs or glitches will be easier to find.

The benefits stemming from having a testnet are huge: products will now be much more user-friendly than before. And as everyone can imagine, the Testnet is also the step before the major launch of the mainnet, which is expected by Q1 2022. This will be Ternoa’s full launch to the public, and the team of developers is already working on it.

What does a testnet mean for Ternoa?

The Ternoa blockchain wants to provide a solution for users to encrypt and transmit their data without middlemen. In short, the testnet means that users will be able to get a taste of Ternoa’s unique innovations by being able to test minting their own NFTs, create their own NFT Marketplace on the Ternoa Chain, and be able to leverage advanced security features provided by Masternodes. All the details are available on

Ternoa is always developing new features for the project. Make sure to follow Ternoa on social media, especially on Twitter. We also encourage users to try our alpha version Wallet App! It can be downloaded here for iOS or here for Android. For more technical queries, the developer team is available on Discord here:

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