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Win RMRK 2.0 NFTs in the RMRK Halloween Extravaganza

Published date: October 22 2021

Since we began this journey, we have been aided by you, our loyal supporters from both Kanaria and Singular. We decided to show our appreciation by initiating the RMRK Halloween Extravaganza!! A 13-day event during which many Halloween-themed RMRK 2.0-powered NFTs will be distributed to community members.

If you missed out on previous NFT drops, this is your chance to add official RMRK NFTs to your collection. Regardless of current holdings, everyone in the community stands a chance to win cool NFTs of differing grades. This post will cover the details of the events:

  • The prizes
  • How to win

The prizes

There are 8 different NFTs to be won of varying rarity levels. Below you can find each NFT and their description arranged according to their rarity level.

Common Items

NameAngry Pumpkin Hat Type: Headwear Description: Halloween is incomplete without pumpkins--this hat draws the Halloween spirit to any Kanaria that wears it.

NameCauldron Type: Foreground Description: What is Halloween without a bubbling Cauldron of bones, spiders, and ghosts? Certainly not for the faint of heart.


NameHaunted Tree Type: Back Description: The haunted tree is a perfect home for Kanaria who love the colorful darkness of Halloween.

Rare Items

NameBone Chest Type: Chest Description: An ancient artifact used by Kanaria to summon the Halloween spirits. Its attached heart beats to the rhythm of infinite darkness.

NameSkull Head Type: Headwear Description: A demented headpiece made from the remains of a dead monster's head. Rumored to give Kanaria the ability to hear the whispers of the departed.

Epic Items

NameDemented Feast Type: Foreground Description: Only the darkest, baddest Kanaria can participate in this demented feast--a Halloween special.

NameDemented Cape Type: Back Description: Your Halloween outfit is incomplete without this Demented Cape. It's been known to make all the birds stare.

NameDemented Necklace Type: Necklace Description: Your Halloween outfit is incomplete without this Demented Neckpiece. It's been known to make all the birds stare.

Legendary Items

NameMonster Parade Type: Background Description: What is a Kanaria Halloween party without a monster parade?

How to win

During the course of the next 13 days, there will be different ways to participate and win. We made the options many to appeal to as many different personalities as possible. We didn’t want a competition that would skew the rewards to the few who are adept at such a competition. Thus, the hope is that you will find something that is perfect for you regardless of who you are.

We've organized the competitions into two categories.


  1. Random buyers on Singular: Any NFT purchased on Singular above 0.1 KSM counts as an entry to win. Winners will be chosen at random.
  2. Random buyers on Kanaria: Any Kanaria Bird counts as an entry to win a rare NFT. All purchases will receive a common prize.


  1. Top invites on RMRK Discord: NFTs will be given to the top 100 people who invite the most users to RMRK’s discord server.
  2. Top activity on RMRK Discord: NFTs will be given the top 50 people who send the most meaningful messages in the RMRK’s Discord server.
  3. Top activity on Kanaria Telegram: NFTs will be given to the top 50 people who send the most meaningful messages in the Kanaria telegram channel.


  1. Discord Halloween Bot: There will be a discord bot that you need to interact with every hour! Random winners will be chosen from the pool of people who interact with the bot.
  2. Top Engagement on Twitter: those who create the most high-quality engagements on Twitter will win an NFT. Make sure you tag @rmrkapp on Twitter!!
  3. Bird Holders Special: all bird holders who complete a form that will be shared on our Discord will get a common NFT. Some, chosen at random, will get NFTs of a higher rarity level.

As you can see, there is potentially something for everyone. The only way to ensure that you don’t win is if you choose not to participate. We struggle to see why you would do that to yourself. Join the fun!

Final note: There will be new challenges announced before the Extravaganza is over so it is highly recommended that you subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!