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Bit.Country ✖️ MetaDojo.IO — Do more with your land than lawn care.

Published date: November 2 2021

Bit.Country ✖️ MetaDojo.IO — Do more with your land than lawn care.

Ecosystem Partnership Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that Bit.Country Metaverse Network has reached a partnership with MetaDojo, to work in unison to bring the shared vision of user-created metaverses that much closer and draw the best in the industry to collaborate and co-create.

Although we support in-world object construction using an easy-to-use voxel system requiring no technical skills, we also understand that the idea of creating your own more sophisticated 3D objects may seem exciting and challenging, if you have no idea of where to start and where to even begin to find the support required to help build the 3D world of your dreams. Enter — MetaDojo.IO

We believe that our partnership with MetaDojo gives everyone the opportunity to become a content creator in this new Web3 paradigm.

A dōjō is a hall or place for immersive learning or meditation. MetaDojo offers a range of ready-to-use, cost-effective free 3D buildings, which people or businesses can use for art galleries, schools, retail outlets, nightclubs, arcades, social hubs, governance, and homes…whatever you can imagine within your metaverse.

Creating your 3D world has never been easier, with a host of configurations to customize and personalize your 3D building so it fits your vision.

Dojo made for Metaverse Career Academy in the showroom of MetaDojo Testnet

MetaDojo allows for these to be deployed to any metaverse, embedded in your website, as well as to your social media channels. Web 2, they have not forgotten about you so soon! MetaDojo will primarily serve Bit.Country metaverses as a start as we are seeing a huge demand through the parachain crowdloan. (15,000+ contributors & growing)

MetaDojo goes a step further in bringing a marketplace where skillful ‘Ninjas’ offer their talents and expertise to further customize your 3D designs.

If you need help with events, they do that too! Event Manager ‘Ninjas’ will help you create memorable events. You need help listing your latest subdivision, or you are in the market for a metaverse, let the Real Estate ‘Ninjas’ look after you.

“We started MetaDojo in May 2021, through this partnership, MetaDojo will be able to launch smart contracts on Metaverse.Network (Pioneer and Continuum) and make their dojos fully compatible with Bit.Country’s native metaverse environment.
User experience will be seamless as they do not need to leave the context, all dojos, protocols and economics is being developed to meet Bit.Country’s standards.
MetaDojo adds value to metaverse and landowners as well as community members by providing them with superb interior experiences and various economic opportunities inside dojos.
We will also launch our own MetoDojo Metaverse on Bit.Country for our community and utilize it to showcase our wonderful dojos.“ quote from MetaDojo CEO, Echo Guo

Bit.Country Metaverse Network could not be more excited about our Partnership with MetaDojo. Together we will bring the metaverse builders, creators, performers, educators, and dreamers together — to continue the vision of user-created metaverses and games and enable communities to co-create and earn.

“I am excited to see the seasoned developers & entrepreneurs are coming into our ecosystem and adding value across metaverses. These metaverse native features and new experiences fit into our vision perfectly. We are looking forward to seeing MetaDojo provide benefits to the thousands of the land owners.” Quote from Shannon Christie, CTO of Game & Co-Founder of Bit.Country Metaverse Network

Follow MetaDojo to stay tuned with their upcoming fundraising activities and development plans. If you want to learn more, please visit: MetaDojo = the Metaverse + Dojos

About MetaDojo

MetaDojo aims to take the power of the metaverse to ordinary folks and mainstream businesses by bringing a new dimension to their website. Dojos are versatile and customizable 3D buildings that can be embedded into websites or deployed to metaverses with ease.

Inside these purpose-built metaverse buildings, owners can display their NFT collections, promote products and services through videos, reward users for content created or missions completed, host virtual meetings and events, and many more.

The MetaDojo team enjoys the privilege of founding and managing a global education SaaS business (processing USD40M+ invoiced value annually) for over 6 years. On top of their strong belief and passion for the impact of blockchain technologies and metaverse, they bring a wealth of software development expertise and a track record of execution skills. The MetaDojo team has recently completed Kusuma Council’s Alert App. They plan to launch a Beta version in quarter 2, 2022.

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About Bit.Country & Metaverse Network

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is a platform & blockchain ecosystem for user-created metaverses, games, and dApps.

Everyone can start their own metaverse with their own fungible or non-fungible tokens, timeline view, and 3D virtual world view. Community owners, influencers and KOLs can utilize the platform and protocol to grow and engage their audience.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is disrupting the current creators’ value system built by web2.0, as traditional social platforms are harvesting the value from the community’s time, only distributing a portion of the profits to the creators while members are only being entertained, but not rewarded.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is building a future for metaverse owners to have the ability to grow exponentially while letting the members take ownership and earn through a variety of opportunities, benefiting directly from the development of the metaverses they are in.

  • Our core founding team launched three other successful global startups in tech, education, and real estate since 2013.
  • Accepted participant of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator (2021), Bootcamp (2021) at Creative Destructive Lab of Toronto University, and a Web3 Foundation Grant Winner. A member of the Substrate Builders Program.
  • On May 12th, 2021, Bit.Country completed the seed round capital raise of 4M USD from reputable venture capitals. Read more…
  • Our testnet has over 1600 node operators. Node operators are excited about energizing one of the biggest social experiments on web3.0.
  • On our early access waiting list, there are 60,000+ users eager to create their own metaverses for their people, and grow it into a valuable asset.
  • We designed our token distribution in a community-first approach.

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