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Performing a Security Audit of Picasso to Ensure User Protections

Published date: November 11 2021

Performing a Security Audit of Picasso to Ensure User Protections

Composable is dedicated to our users, and as part of our strong commitment to trust, we never relegate optimizing user security and the transparency of our protocol to the back burner.

Renowned blockchain security auditing firm Trail of Bits will be reviewing components of the code that powers Picasso — the foundation for our interoperable Innovation Availability Layer (IAL), providing us with useful feedback. In the spirit of openness and transparency to our community and various industry stakeholders, we will be making the results of this audit available, details of the audit’s findings and recommendations, along with any subsequent implementations for public scrutiny on Composable GitHub.

Our auditor: Trail of Bits

With experience spanning nearly a decade auditing expansive open source protocols within the blockchain sector and top DeFi platforms, Trail of Bits has developed a signature method for auditing blockchain code. Once it has reviewed a smart contract, it identifies any code weaknesses and provides suggestions.

Composable have leveraged Trial of Bits’ expertise in the past for the audit of our Polkadot vault strategies, the result which we made public as well.

Security, a continuum at Composable

With our renewed efforts to power an interoperable future within DeFi and pushing through with our ecosystem-as-a-service move, we hope to continue to work with Trail of Bits and other reputable security audit firms and reporting the results to our esteemed community for your unwavering support and our commitment to be as open and honest with you as we rapidly develop.

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