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Announcing the results of Artwork Competition | NFT (Norse Mythology)

Published date: November 19 2021

It has been a while since we have launched our Artwork Competition with the fascinating topic, “Norse Mythology”. For sure, you have noticed our true love and devotion to the Mythology of the Great Vikings. And we hope that you share this admiration!

To be honest, it was not that easy to define a winner, as long as we have received many decent artworks. However, after reviewing all of them, it was decided to choose only one artwork.

Since we are not giving out the Oskar, there is no need to keep the intrigue! Please, welcome our winner knacker65!

Here you can enjoy his creation:

You may have thought that there are only three things you can watch forever — how fire burns, how water flows and how other people work. However, there is a fourth thing — this wonderful artwork that lets you feel the breeze on your skin, watch the ravens flying above the longship, and believe in the legendary future of Bifrost!

Applause to our winner, knacker65!

Let us conquer the deepest seas with the team of Bifrost! Bless us, Odin!

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