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Announcing Zenlink New IYO Target: Total Volume ≥ $370M

Published date: November 20 2021

Zenlink has released an announcement about adjusting the IYO targets and has launched a community poll. As of November 19, 15:25 (UTC), the poll is officially closed, and you can see more details about the poll below.

Although this was not a fully participatory poll, it was still very informative for us, and according to the poll the majority of the community agreed that we should change the target from “Total volume for 3 consecutive days ≥ $50M” to “Total volume ≥ $400M”, with a 55.7% support rate.

Note: The other two initial IYO targets of TVL ≥ $100M and ZLK Holders ≥ 50,000 have been met. Of these, ZLK holders are still only 36,000+ at this point, but there are still most addresses that have not yet claimed their ZLK rewards, and once they have done that, the ZLK holders will actually have exceeded 50,000, so we consider that target to have been met.

After considering the results of the community poll and the actual situation, the team has decided to change the target from “Total volume for 3 consecutive days ≥ $50M” to “Total volume ≥ $370M” ( $338M as of now) in order to enable ZLK transfer and listing as soon as possible.

We have updated the Zenlink DEX dashboard and users can view the current progress on this page:


Finally, we have to say we’re proud of our great community! We are ready to move to the next step and enable ZLK transfer and listing.

If you have any questions about Zenlink, please join our Telegram group for answers!

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Expect chaos!

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