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ZLK LP Farming is coming soon!

Published date: November 24 2021

Yesterday, Zenlink officially launched the Bootstrap Pools for ZLK/MOVR, ZLK/USDC, and ZLK/KSM, ZLK/BNC on Moonriver and Bifrost respectively, and will enable ZLK transfer and trading when the Bootstrap is successfully completed.

In addition, the much anticipated ZLK LP Farming will also be available after the Bootstrap is successfully completed, so let us introduce more details about ZLK LP Farming below.

LP Farming will be available after the successful completion of the Bootstrap. To participate in LP farming, users will need to add liquidity to the designated pool to get LP tokens and stake them in the farming pool. If you are a Bootstrap participant, you will be able to claim your LP tokens upon successful completion of the Bootstrap and stake them directly into the corresponding farming pool to earn ZLK rewards. More details about LP farming are as follows.

The pairs that can participate in LP farming in this period include:

  • Pairs on Moonriver: ZLK/MOVR, ZLK/USDC
  • Pairs on Bifrost: ZLK/BNC, ZLK/KSM
Note: Whether LP farming is finally enabled for the above four pairs depends on whether the bootstrap of the pair is successfully completed, and if the bootstrap is successful, it will be enabled, but if not, it will not be enabled. For example, if the bootstrap pool of ZLK/MOVR does not achieve its target before the specified block height, LP farming will not be turned on for this pair. So hopefully the community will widely support all bootstrap pools!

Farming Cycle: November 25, 2021 — December 09 (subject to block end time)

Total Farming Incentives: 150,000 ZLK (100,000 ZLK on Moonriver and 50,000 ZLK on Bifrost), amount of incentives for each pair as follows.

  • ZLK/USDC: 60,000 ZLK
  • ZLK/MOVR: 40,000 ZLK
  • ZLK/BNC: 30,000 ZLK
  • ZLK/KSM: 20,000 ZLK

Reward Calculation: LP farming rewards will be distributed according to the percentage of the user’s staking interest during the period, and the formula for calculating the staking interest is as follows:

n _ indicates the total incentives in the period

Rewards Claim: Rewards can be claimed once every 2 weeks. Once a reward claim is available, users can manually claim the ZLK earned in the “Earn” section in Zenlink DEX.


Q: When exactly will LP Farming be available?

Once Bootstrap is successfully completed, we will deploy staking contracts for the relevant pairs (expected to last a few hours) and once it is ready, users will be able to participate in LP farming, please follow the Twitter announcement for details!

Q: What is the relationship between Bootstrap and LP farming?

Since the pairs involved in the LP farming to be launched in this period, ZLK/MOVR, ZLK/USDC, ZLK/KSM, ZLK/BNC, are all enabled through Bootstrap, LP farming for the corresponding pairs will be launched only when the pair is successfully Bootstrapped, but will not be launched if it fails. Therefore, if you expect to participate in LP farming for the above pairs, be sure to contribute to their Bootstrap pools.

Q: How to claim my LP tokens and participate in LP farming after the Bootstrap is finished?

After the Bootstrap is successfully completed, you will be able to claim your LP tokens, after claiming successfully you can stake them to the farming pool to earn ZLK rewards, here is the easy tutorial to claim LP tokens.

  • First, access the Bootstrap page at:
  • Then, check the box “My Bootstrap”, select the Bootstrap pool you have participated in and successfully completed and click “claim”
  • Finally, sign in the wallet to confirm the claim of the LP tokens, which will be found on the “Pool” page later (then you can stake them to the farming pool in the “Earn” interface)

If you have any questions about Zenlink, please join our Telegram group for answers!

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