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Subsocial Advisors: JAM

Published date: November 24 2021

This is the second in a series of articles interviewing our advisors. These esteemed individuals have helped the Subsocial team in a massive way, and we would like to give them some exposure as well as showcase who they are, and why they have chosen to advise us.

Today we are hearing from the one and only JAM. Previously a support engineer at Parity, JAM helped create Polkadot, and now spends most of his time in NeosVR while waiting on the next steps of the DatDot project.

Can you tell us about your background in the crypto/Web3 space?

I have been an active community member in the broader blockchain space as long as there has been a blockchain space; and over a long period of time in the space you tend to absorb knowledge and expertise via osmosis. I had some more formal engagements prototyping things and doing technical support work for a couple of Ethereum-based projects while I was in university, and after graduating I joined Parity Technologies for a couple of years.

What led you to start your advisory role at Subsocial?

I helped Alex as much as I had time to as part of my role at Parity and the Substrate Builders Program — when moving on from that role I maintained my relationship with projects I found meaningful, including Subsocial.

Why do you think Subsocial is important?

Because over the long term it could present one alternative to social media that requires manipulating people’s attention and emotion to survive — Modern social media needs creators to sell their audiences as a product to advertisers — I’m hoping that Subsocial can be at least part of the movement towards creators and audiences supporting each other directly instead of through third parties.

What aspect of Subsocial are you most looking forward to?

Economies centered around individual communities and creators.

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