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Polkadot.js guide #2: How to send and receive KSM

Published date: August 24 2021

Kusama (KSM) is the canary network of Polkadot and it will act as the proof base which enables teams and developers to build and deploy parachain, or test Polkadot's governmental, staking, nominating and validating functions in a real environment.

Currently, you can use Polka Wallet, Trust Wallet, Fearless Wallet, Polkadot.js to send and receive $KSM.

This article will show you how to store KSM with a Chrome extension - developed by the Polkadot team.

Note: Currently, it can be difficult to operate because the UI has not been developed by Polkadot yet. However, in the near future, its UI (the wallet interface) will be updated.

The article will include the following main steps:

  • Step 1: Create a Polkadot.js wallet
  • Step 2: Change wallet chain to Kusama
  • Step 3: Get a wallet address to receive KSM
  • Step 4: How to send KSM

Step 1:

Because the Polkadot.js wallet can be used for different Substrate-based blockchains, you only have to download the wallet once and you can use it on the different Substrate-based blockchains. To download and back up the wallet, you can review this article.

Step 2: Use to send and receive KSM

First of all, visit to enter the Polkadot.js wallet interface. The default setting will be Polkadot network, you need to switch the chain to use the Polkadot.js wallet for sending and receiving KSM.

To switch the chain to Kusama, follow here:

Next, select “Kusama & Parachains

Select “Kusama

Select the node and then click “Switch

Step 3: Get the address to receive KSM

To send and receive KSM, go to the link to get the KSM address

Next, click on the logo as below to copy the KSM receiving address

The address mentioned in the post is CtyJ524Pp44CTqvLhDC34Js64odUyHGLEAWwVqaCXZS7MH7

Step 4: How to send KSM

To send KSM, visit and then select "send" in the wallet. After entering the receiving address and the amount of KSM you want to send, click “Make transfer” to transfer your KSM.

With this article, you can receive and send KSM using Polkadot.js wallet. To check the receiving and sending orders, you can go to to scan the transactions of a wallet.

For instructions to send, receive and store KSM on the mobile wallet, keep following our upcoming articles.

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