A Cross-chain interoperability infrastructure and a Comprehensive Defi ecosystem powered by Polkadot

Project Introduction

Picasso is a Composable finance's Parachain designed to be maximally useful for DeFi developers to build on. More specifically, it will be optimized for the innovation, construction, maintenance, symbiosis, and success of decentralized financial tools on Polkadot.

Picasso is more than just another piece of our cross-chain interoperable infrastructure; it sets the stage for Composable to deliver a comprehensive decentralized finance ecosystem to Polkadot.

Project Highlight

Composable’s Picasso parachain aims to create a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem on Polkadot. This landscape will be optimized for the development of decentralized financial applications, providing developers with all of the tools and support they need to create powerful and interoperable dApps that deliver new and improved utilities to users.

While projects operating along Polkadot and Kusama will have access to each other, forming an ecosystem, this ecosystem is projected to develop quite slowly, with cross-chain message passing being enabled eventually. 

Thus, there is a need for a well-maintained parachain that enables people to deploy their own products, without needing to obtain and maintain their own entire parachain. At this time, there is no option for finding a parachain with the basic DeFi primitives. Further, there is no solution for developers to build on a parachain and vote on which pallets they want added to it.

Therefore, parachains are presently incredibly inaccessible and can be difficult to work with, despite their high demand and high potential

Project History

Through its subsidiaries, Advanced Blockchain AG incubated Composable Finance on the technical side and provided the intellectual property for Composable. During this period, Cosmin Grigore was the Lead Developer on the project. This incubation was completed alongside top-tier Web 3.0-focused venture capital firm Rarestone Capital, which assisted with product strategy and rollout for Composable Finance. Subsequently, Composable Finance was spun out, retaining Cosmin as its CEO. Advanced Blockchain also reinvested into Composable. 

Team Members

Cosmin Grigore | CEO

0xbrainjar | Head of Product

0Xvatbrain | Lead Polkadot Developer

Nanni Sackmann | Head of People and Operations

Rob Zhuang | Project Lead

Kirill Podchishchalov | Business Development

Seun Lanlege | Rust/Substrate Lead

Nymph | Researcher/Developer Relations

Karel Kubat | Tech Lead/Experimental Pallets

Douglas Kuhn | DevOps/Rust Engineer

Mayowa Tudonu | Solidity Engineer

0xde5e501516e18 | Solidity Developer

Filip Laurentiu | Solidity Developer

Victor Nwagbogwu | Solidity Developer

Pepe Blasco | Solidity Developer

Filip Kalebo | Rust Developer

Mohammad Mahmoodian | Backend Developer

Antonio M. Larriba | Cryptography Researcher

OxComposableLyon | Cryptography Researcher

Danny Wang | Community Manager

Sydney Sweck | Content Lead

Haroon Baig | Content Writer


Advanced Blockchain AG - Rarestone Capital 

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