A Canary Network of ChainX on Kusama


SherpaX, an independent research and development network where theoretical experiments and applicable practices integrate with each other, functions as a guide to ChainX as Sherpas, members of an ethnic group in the Himalayas who are famous for their mountaineering skills, navigate through unknow dangers and complicated situations to guide climbers safely to the peak. Therefore, new innovative ideas and technological experiments will be first carried out on SherpaX as it bears remarkable resemblance to ChainX in terms of design.

Kusama's parachain

In 2021, SherpaX will bid for Kusama’s parachain slot, which will enable it to function as a parachain to Kusama and correspond with other parachains through XCMP protocol while enjoying highstandard network security.

Community Governance

SherpaX is governed by all holders of KSX (native token of SherpaX) in a fair and transparent way, in other words, every community member can set the direction of SherpaX’s future. All KSX holders have the right to make proposals, take part in referendums and run for office as Council members.

Token Allocation

Token Circulation

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