A public chain development team based on the Polkadot Para chain. It hopes to build a public chain with cross-chain interoperability

Why SubGame?

SubGame focuses on building a future value interconnection network. It uses Polkadot as the underlying technology and adds a high-performance database architecture. It uses a new system architecture to improve the original resource inefficiency. It combines public cloud and private cloud hybrid storage technology, and the cryptographic double encryption system strictly guards the user's data privacy and security, realizes the double optimization of efficiency and privacy, provides the global users with the highest level of user experience, and provides more efficient and secure mobile channels for value transfer.


SubGame builds multiple applications through a complete technical architecture, including game type modules, payment model interfaces, communication field development, data on-chain applications, cross-chain settlement and blockchain storage space, etc., and uses the relay station contract agreement as the external model Group, can develop cross-public chain smart contracts, minimize the cost of value transmission between chains and maximize the scalability of applications, so that developers can develop cross-chain smart contracts at the lowest cost. It reduces the learning curve and development difficulty for developers, and then develops more applications that are conducive to the positive development of the ecology, triggering huge industrial changes.

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