SubQuery Sessions - Oct 2021

SubQuery Sessions - Oct 2021

October 28, 2021 08:00 UTC

SubQuery Sessions is the official forum for the SubQuery team to share information about the project with the SubQuery community and broader ecosystem.

In this first edition of SubQuery Sessions, we will share our detailed Technical Roadmap for the first time, discuss our Academy, and provide exciting new opportunities for our community to be involved in the project on a technical and retail level. 

SubQuery is already serving millions of data queries each day to over 60 projects on Polkadot & Kusama. Of its existing customer base, SubQuery is integrated with established applications like Subscan, as well as Kusama parachain crowdloan winners: Acala’s Karura, Phala’s Khala, and Bifrost.

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  • Learn about the SubQuery Network protocol here.

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